The German Research Landscape

The Portal "Research in Germany" offers information on Germany’s foremost organisations, key research areas as well as funding and career opportunities. It also delivers the latest science and research news from Germany and upcoming events:


Overview of the German research landscape
Research in Germany is done at a wide range of different facilities, both public and private: Universities, non-university research organisations, companies, as well as federal government and state agencies. The Portal "Research in Germany" presents the various organisations.

Daily research news
Find out about the latest reports from Germany's research landscape here.

Germany's key research areas
In which research fields is Germany particularly strong? The key research areas are briefly outlined on the Portal "Research in Germany".

You would like to know how to find academic hosts, suitable universities and research institutes in Germany?

Search engines for hosts and research institutes

Establishing contacts with academic hosts

Universities in Germany

Research institutions in Germany

You are seeking further information on Germany as a location for research?

Studies and Analyses

Research at a Glance - The German Research Landscape

Initiative for Excellence of the German Federal Government

Salaries in Academia

Catalogue of 300 annotated weblinks

Doctorate/PhD in Germany
On the portel "Research in Germany" you can find comprehensive information about doing a doctorate in Germany.

The "Research in Germany“ Newsletter
The "Research in Germany" Newsletter keeps readers informed with interviews and reports on research institutions and their projects, as well as collaborations between German and international research institutions. Register here for the next issue.

Calendar of R&D events
Look here to find German R&D events at home and abroad.

Last updated: 14 October 2013

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